URR is an annual conference in the fulfillment of which we express our desire to grow spiritually in our adherence to the 12 Steps, 12 Traditions, and 12 Concepts of World Service.  The confrence is sponsored by the LGBTQ AA groups of Salt Lake City

Chair – Jocelyn J.

Co-Chair – Jacob H.

Secretary –  Lori H.

Treasurer –  Troy N.

Fundraising – Committee

Archives. – Troy N.

Registration  Melissa

Website Manager  Maxfield W.

 Public Information  Dave M.

Program  Committee

Outreach  Julie K.

Spanish Language Liaison  Jacqueline G.

Hotel Liaison  Wyatt S.

Hospitality  Maxfield W.

Entertainment Kelly Kelso

A.ATraditions Advisor -Troy N.

Women’s Outreach – Jocelyn J.

 Marathon Meetings– Mary A.

Al-Anon – Tim J.